HMBS 2013 Q1: RMS Retains Crown

244 HMBS pools totaling nearly $2.4 billion were issued in the first quarter of 2013. RMS retained its position as the top HMBS issuer by dollar amount, issuing 63 pools totaling nearly $905 million. RMS was followed by Urban Financial, Live Well, and Generation Mortgage, issuers of approximately $682.6 million, $275.2 million, and $243.5 million, respectively. Urban Financial issued 64 pools to RMS’s 63 pools. Liberty Home Equity Solutions joined the ranks of HMBS issuers in 2013. As with 2012, there are ten HMBS issuers, with Liberty replacing Wells Fargo, which did not issue in the quarter.

Of the $2.39 billion in 2013 Q1 issuance, $1.87 billion was fixed rate and the remaining $0.52 billion was adjustable rate. 9 pools totaling a little less than $18 million of CMT HMBS were issued in the quarter. 146 pools totaling $2.01 billion were securitizations of new production, and the remaining 98 pools, $377.1 million, were “tails.”

New View Advisors compiled this data from publicly available Ginnie Mae data as well as private sources.

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