Bob Gross

New View Advisors would like to take a moment to recognize and mourn the loss of Bob Gross, who passed away on December 12th. Everyone knew Bob and everyone liked Bob. There was nothing not to like. Bob was a seasoned mortgage and securities lawyer, a true go-to resource, an early pioneer in the birth of the reverse mortgage capital markets, and a friend to anyone and everyone who spent time with him. In addition to his battle-tested skillset, Bob also showed us all how to transact with dignity, calm, and an ever-present sense of humor and perspective.

Along with his partners and team at then McKee Nelson, and later Bingham McCutchen, Bob worked on every proprietary reverse mortgage securitization underwritten by Lehman Brothers. We take for granted now the securitization machine, but in its early days, every closed transaction was a miracle. Bob was an integral part of that process.

It will be a little harder and a lot less fun attending investor conferences, calling around for answers to complex mortgage problems, or giving out securitization lawyer referrals, knowing Bob won’t be on the list. We will miss him dearly.

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