HECM Endorsement Analytics – May 2019

HUD released its May 2019 HECM Endorsement Summary Reports today, our summary of which can be found here: NVA Endorsement Report 2019_05. There were a total of 2,697 endorsements, in line with average monthly volume since the beginning of 2019. However, year over year, endorsements are running 20% behind last year’s totals.

Regionally, the Santa Ana Center remains the number one office, with significant contributions from the Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Ana field offices. The Denver office had the second highest endorsement count in May outside of the Santa Ana Center.

Of the HECMs endorsed in May, AAG originated nearly one third, with 853 endorsements. The #2 lender ORM originated 238 units, less than one third of AAG’s tally. There are just four other originators with an endorsement count market share of 5% or more.

Fairway Independent Mortgage has been the most active wholesale originator, notching 89 HECMs endorsed by HUD. Over the past 12 months, FAR has been the most active sponsor of HECMs originated by another lender, however Liberty Home Equity Solutions had the highest sponsor count in May with 328 HECMs endorsed.

With the strongest treasury rally in ten years, HECM loan rates are heading lower. The 10-year LIBOR benchmark is at its lowest point since September 2017. Yet, HECM refinance activity remains low. Given the lower PLFs enacted as of FY 2018, it seems unlikely we will see another refinance boom like the one experienced in 2017.

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