New View Advisors and Recursion Reverse Mortgage Prepayment Indices – April 2024

The New View Advisors and Recursion April 2024 expanded HECM reverse mortgage prepayment indices can be found here: New View Advisors Recursion Cohort Speeds 04_2024. The indices are derived from underlying HECM data in HMBS made public by Ginnie Mae, as well as private sources. This expanded set of prepayment data is calculated using dollar principal balance, not unit count.

The enhanced data set shows current trends in prepayment activity by product type and Principal Limit Factors (PLFs), and for current 12-month LIBOR PLFs by Expected Rate. HECM loans with higher Expected Rates originated in the year or so prior to the precipitous fall in interest rates brought on by the pandemic are experiencing higher prepayment rates. Therefore, we segregate indices for recent production 12-month LIBOR PLFs into Expected Rates greater than 4% and Expected Rates less than or equal to 4%.

Prepayment speeds are expressed as annualized percentages in three categories: Total Payoffs, Payoffs Other Than Assignments, and Payoffs from Assignment. For each category, we calculate the 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and 12-month CPR, or annual rate of prepayment.

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